The Arab Pilot

The Arab Pilot - Military humor

During the war between Israel and the Arab Countries an Arabic plane was shot down. The pilot was captured and the Israelis tries to get him to tell all technical details about the plane.

“How fast can it fly?”

The pilot says nothing and the Israelis gives him a good beating.

“How many rockets does the plane carry?”

Again the pilot doesn’t responds and he get another good beating.

“What is the maximum altitude of flying?”

The pilot responds with silence, and get another beating. This goes on and on and the Israelis get nothing out of the Arabic pilot so they decide to release him.

When the pilot returned home he was considered to be a national hero and he get interviewed by a reporter. The reporter asks the pilot if he has any tips to other pilots if they get caught.

“Make sure you know all the technical details about the planes, otherwise they beat the crap out of you!”

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